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Local anesthesia for transurethral manipulations: is a transrectal periprostatic nerve block effective?

  • Michael MüntenerEmail author
  • Markus Fatzer
  • Valentin Praz
  • Urs Straumann
  • Räto T. Strebel
  • Hubert John
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Periprostatic nerve block has been reported to be an effective form of anesthesia for prostatic surgery. Recent studies have shown the simplicity and the efficacy of a transrectal approach for periprostatic nerve block. The goal of our study was to evaluate the effect of a transrectal periprostatic nerve block on the discomfort associated with rigid cystoscopy. A total of 73 patients underwent cystoscopy. Group 1 (n=39) received a transrectal periprostatic lidocaine infiltration prior to the cystoscopy. Group 2 (n=34) underwent cystoscopy alone. The pain that patients experienced during cystoscopy was assessed on a visual analog scale. The patients in the two groups were very similar in regard to age and size of the prostate. The mean pain score was 3.4 in group 1 and 3.9 in group 2. This difference was not statistically significant. We conclude that nerve block does not seem to reduce the pain associated with transurethral manipulations.


Anesthesia Local Nerve block Prostate Cystoscopy 


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  • Markus Fatzer
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  • Valentin Praz
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  • Urs Straumann
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  • Räto T. Strebel
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  • Hubert John
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  4. 4.Department of UrologyThe Johns Hopkins Medical InstitutionsBaltimoreUSA

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