Applied Physics B

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High-order harmonic generation in H2+ via multicolor beam superposition: barrier suppression ionization regime

  • S. Sarikhani
  • S. BatebiEmail author


Generation of high-order harmonics (HOHs) and attosecond pulses in the barrier suppression ionization regime for a target of hydrogen molecular ion, \({\text{H}}_{2}^{+}\), with large inter nuclear distance is introduced in this work. Some broadband femtosecon laser pulses are designed based on multicolor beam superposition method in order to interact with \({\text{H}}_{2}^{+}\). Behavioral study of harmonics cutoff, attosecond pulse widths and intensities, along with the maximum ionization intensity with respect to the spectral width of driving pulses was carried out. Molecular orbitals in this study are estimated via the linear combination of atomic orbital approximation, and temporal variations of these orbitals are studied in the various ionization regimes. It is seen in this work that although the cutoff harmonic is increased by the driving pulse intensity, but it is insensitive to the spectral driving pulsewidth. This study showed that intensities of the generated attosecond pulses gradually decreased by increasing the bandwidth of the driving laser pulse, but the duration of them is shown to be insensitive in this respect.


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