Applied Physics B

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Laser ablation production of Ba, Ca, Dy, Er, La, Lu, and Yb ions

  • S. OlmschenkEmail author
  • P. Becker


We use a pulsed nitrogen laser to produce atomic ions by laser ablation, measuring the relative ion yield for several elements, including some that have only recently been proposed for use in cold trapped ion experiments. For barium, we monitor the ion yield as a function of the number of applied ablation pulses for different substrates. We also investigate the ion production as a function of the pulse energy, and the efficiency of loading an ion trap as a function of radiofrequency voltage.


Laser Ablation Ablation Target Ablation Pulse Average Peak Height Linear Quadrupole Trap 
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We thank E. Peik for useful discussions about laser ablation; D. Hanneke for useful discussions about SHG cavity design; P. Banner, J. Hankes, and A. Nelson for technical contributions to the ion trap setup; and D. Burdick for expert machining. P.B. acknowledges support from the J. Reid & Polly Anderson Endowed Fund at Denison University. This material is based upon work supported by, or in part by, the U. S. Army Research Laboratory and the U. S. Army Research Office under contract/grant number W911NF-13-1-0410; Research Corporation for Science Advancement through Cottrell College Science Award 22646; and Denison University. Specific product citations are for the purpose of clarification only, and are not an endorsement by the authors, the U. S. Army Research Laboratory, the U. S. Army Research Office, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, or Denison University.


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