Applied Physics B

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Open-path cavity ring-down spectroscopy sensor for atmospheric ammonia

  • Soran Shadman
  • Charles Rose
  • Azer P. YalinEmail author


An open-path cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) sensor has been developed for measurement of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) and represents the first use of open-path CRDS in the mid-infrared region. The sensor uses a continuous-wave distributed feedback quantum cascade laser at 10.33 μm to target strong absorption features. The optical cavity is constructed with two high-reflectivity mirrors (R = 0.9995). The open-path configuration removes inlet effects, which are very challenging for closed-path instruments, and can be enabling for compact, low-power designs. Sensor performance was validated in the laboratory by measuring known concentrations in a closed-path configuration. The open-path configuration was validated by comparison against a commercial closed-path CRDS instrument for outdoor measurements at a small feed lot. Ammonia concentrations from the two instruments showed good agreement with slope of 0.990 (R 2 = 0.92), for 5-min averages. The precision of the open-path instrument was found from Allan variance studies as 1.2 ppb (2-σ) for 3-s measurement durations.


Quantum Cascade Laser Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy Trigger Circuit Optical Sensitivity 
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The authors acknowledge funding from the National Robotics Initiative via USDA-NIFA Award 2012-67021-19978 and from the USDA Award 2016-67021-24456. The authors also acknowledge assistance from Kira Shonkwiler and Jay Ham for the use and operation of the commercial ring-down sensor, and Kevin Kirkham for the loan and donation of a mid-infrared beam profiler.


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