Applied Physics B

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Integrated superconducting detectors on semiconductors for quantum optics applications

  • M. Kaniber
  • F. Flassig
  • G. Reithmaier
  • R. Gross
  • J. J. Finley
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  1. Quantum Repeaters: From Components to Strategies


Semiconductor quantum photonic circuits can be used to efficiently generate, manipulate, route and exploit nonclassical states of light for distributed photon-based quantum information technologies. In this article, we review our recent achievements on the growth, nanofabrication and integration of high-quality, superconducting niobium nitride thin films on optically active, semiconducting GaAs substrates and their patterning to realize highly efficient and ultra-fast superconducting detectors on semiconductor nanomaterials containing quantum dots. Our state-of-the-art detectors reach external detection quantum efficiencies up to 20 % for ~4 nm thin films and single-photon timing resolutions <72 ps. We discuss the integration of such detectors into quantum dot-loaded, semiconductor ridge waveguides, resulting in the on-chip, time-resolved detection of quantum dot luminescence. Furthermore, a prototype quantum optical circuit is demonstrated that enabled the on-chip generation of resonance fluorescence from an individual InGaAs quantum dot, with a linewidth <15 μeV displaced by 1 mm from the superconducting detector on the very same semiconductor chip. Thus, all key components required for prototype quantum photonic circuits with sources, optical components and detectors on the same chip are reported.


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We gratefully acknowledge D. Sahin and A. Fiore (TU Eindhoven), K. Berggren and F. Najafi (MIT), and R. Hadfield (University of Glasgow) for useful discussions and the financial support from BMBF via QuaHL-Rep, project number 01BQ1036, via project number 16KIS0110, the EU via the integrated project SOLID and the DFG via SFB 631-B3.


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  • F. Flassig
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  • G. Reithmaier
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  • R. Gross
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  • J. J. Finley
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  3. 3.Nanosystems Initiative MunichMunichGermany

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