Applied Physics B

, Volume 119, Issue 4, pp 577–606 | Cite as

Modeling laser-induced incandescence of soot: a new approach based on the use of inverse techniques

  • Romain Lemaire
  • Mohammed Mobtil


Two LII models derived from the literature have been tested to simulate signals provided in a recently published extensive set of experimental data collected in a non-smoking laminar diffusion flame of ethylene. The first model classically accounts for particle heating by absorption and cooling by radiation, sublimation and conduction. The second one also integrates an alternative absorption term that accounts for saturation of the linear, single-photon and multi-photon absorption leading to C2-photodesorption at high fluence, a heating flux attributable to oxidation and a cooling process based on thermionic emission. Obtained results illustrate that both models fail to reproduce the LII signals experimentally monitored on a wide range of fluences (up to ~1 J cm−2) regardless of the value implemented for the main parameters involved in the energy- and mass-balance equations. We therefore originally proposed a new modeling approach based on the use of inverse techniques to gain information about the specific terms that should be integrated into the calculation. The inverse procedure allows inferring the temporal evolution of the soot diameter as well as the temporal and fluence dependence of additional energy rates that have to be considered to fulfill the particle energy and mass balances while providing a complete fit with experimental data. Conclusions issued from the present work indicate that modeling soot LII using only absorption, radiation, conduction and sublimation rates (as these fluxes are generally expressed and computed in the literature) is inadequate to correctly simulate the soot heating and cooling mechanisms over a wide range of fluences. The inverse modeling procedure also gave insights concerning the relevance of integrating photolytic mechanisms such as multi-photon absorption and carbon cluster photodesorption as previously proposed by Michelsen. Additional calculations performed using a new model formulation integrating such processes finally led to predictions merging on a single curve with experimental data. Additional works should be undertaken, however, to complete this first-approach analysis especially to address the large uncertainties existing in the input parameters and equations accounting for photolytic processes that are likely to significantly impact soot LII.


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This study was supported by ARMINES, the French ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche) and the Carnot M.I.N.E.S. Institute.


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