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COLTRAP: a 22-pole ion trapping machine for spectroscopy at 4 K

  • Oskar Asvany
  • Sandra Brünken
  • Lars Kluge
  • Stephan Schlemmer


Two similar 4 K 22-pole trapping machines have been recently completed in our laboratory. As a first experimental test in one of them, CH 5 + and H3O+ ions have been trapped in the presence of helium gas at 3.8 K and the kinetics and temperature dependence of He tagging investigated. A first shell closure with 5 and (3 + 2) attached He atoms, respectively, is observed for both species. Applying IR radiation in the 3 μm region, helium attachment to CH 5 + is hindered by exciting CH-stretches of CH 5 + prior to attachment. The resulting spectroscopic signal shows that the kinetic temperature of the stored CH 5 + ensemble is below 12 K.


Helium Atom Optical Parametric Oscillator Full Width Half Maximum Paul Trap Trapping Time 
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This work has been financially supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) via SCHL 341/6-1. S.B. and St.S. acknowledge support from DFG SPP 1573 grant BR 4287/1-1. The authors gratefully acknowledge the work done over the last years by the electrical and mechanical workshops of the I. Physikalsiche Institut, as well as our engineers Frank Bielau, Peter Stölzgen and Henning Adams. The authors thank Sabrina Gärtner, Sven Fanghänel, Alexander Stoffels and Alexey Potapov for setting up components of the instrument, as well as Stefan Wulff for Al-coating the scintillators. Most of all we want to thank Dieter Gerlich for sharing his ideas with us.


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    • 1
  • Sandra Brünken
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  • Lars Kluge
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  • Stephan Schlemmer
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