Applied Physics B

, Volume 100, Issue 2, pp 383–390 | Cite as

Quantitative gas measurements using a versatile OPO-based cavity ringdown spectrometer and the comparison with spectroscopic databases

  • S. PersijnEmail author
  • F. Harren
  • A. van der Veen
Open Access


A versatile OPO-based cavity ringdown spectrometer is reported for quantitative and sensitive gas measurement down to nmol/mol levels. The system is based on cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) in combination with a continuous wave optical parametric oscillator tunable from 2693 to 3505 nm. Using a single set of CRDS mirrors, spectra were recorded of methane, ethane, benzene, propane, water, acetone and formaldehyde. Gas mixtures were gravimetrically prepared in cylinders or via dynamic generation using diffusion tubes (formaldehyde). Results were compared with data from the Hitran, PNNL and NIST databases. Good agreement was found with PNNL and NIST data for most molecules while agreement with Hitran was less for ethane and formaldehyde.


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  1. 1.VSLDelftThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Life Science Trace Gas Facility, Institute for Molecules and MaterialsRadboud UniversityNijmegenThe Netherlands

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