Applied Physics B

, 93:891

Analytical vectorial structure of a Lorentz–Gauss beam in the far field



A description of a Lorentz–Gauss beam is made directly starting with the Maxwell equations. Based on the vector angular spectrum representation of the Maxwell equations and the method of stationary phase, the analytical TE and TM terms of a Lorentz–Gauss beam have been presented in the far field. The TE and TM terms are orthogonal to each other in the far field. The energy flux distributions of a Lorentz–Gauss beam and its TE and TM terms are depicted in the far field reference plane. The influences of the different parameters on the energy flux distributions of a Lorentz–Gauss beam and its TE and TM terms are discussed. Moreover, the vectorial structure of a Lorentz–Gauss beam is also compared with that of a Gaussian beam. This research is useful to the descriptions and applications of highly divergent laser beams.


41.85.Ew 42.25Bs 


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  1. 1.School of SciencesZhejiang Forestry UniversityLin’anChina

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