Applied Physics B

, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 199–202

Laser operation at high repetition rate of 100 kHz in Nd:GdVO4 under 879 nm diode-laser pumping


DOI: 10.1007/s00340-008-3061-z

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Li, X., Yu, X., Gao, J. et al. Appl. Phys. B (2008) 92: 199. doi:10.1007/s00340-008-3061-z


Highly efficient continuous-wave and acousto-optically Q-switched laser emission in Nd:GdVO4 crystal, end-pumped at 879 nm into the laser emitting level, are reported. A maximum cw output power of 13.3 W is obtained, corresponding to the slope efficiency of 74.6% in absorbed power; an average output power of 12.1 W, a pulse width of 20.3 ns and a peak power of about 6 kW are reached at 100 kHz in A-O Q-switched operation.

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  1. 1.National Key Laboratory of Tunable Laser Technology, Harbin Institute of TechnologyHarbinP.R. China

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