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Propagation aspects of Mathieu–Gaussian beams in turbulence



Based on our recent source plane formulation, the propagation characteristics of Mathieu–Gaussian beams in turbulent atmosphere are investigated. In this connection, the average receiver plane intensity expression is deduced using the Huygens–Fresnel integral. Our results offered in the form of graphical illustrations reveal that, for some settings of source and propagation parameters, the center of the source beam is evacuated after propagation, while the initially smaller side lobes begin to grow. In a parallel development, the angular distribution of the beam also changes. At small Gaussian source sizes and transverse components of the wave vector, the source beam profile remains almost invariant throughout the propagation. The larger refractive index structure constant values cause the final Gaussian beam profile to be attained at earlier propagation distances. Smaller refractive index structure constants, on the other hand, do not change the beam profile substantially from that of free space.


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