Applied Physics B

, Volume 90, Issue 1, pp 101–108

Coherent electrically excited organic semiconductors: coherent or laser emission?



Recent experimental results demonstrating coherent emission from an electrically-excited pulsed dye-doped organic semiconductor interferometric emitter, are discussed from a coherence and a laser perspective. Examination of available results indicates that there is sufficient evidence to classify the reported emission as being equivalent to broadband dye laser radiation. From a practical perspective, however, this is an interferometric organic semiconductor emitter that yields a spatially coherent beam (Δθ≈ 2.53 mrad or 1.1 times the diffraction limit) and an emission linewidth comparable with broadband dye lasers (Δλ≈ 11 nm at half width). Geometrical dimensions, and electrical excitation parameters, for a significantly smaller interferometric organic emitter are suggested.


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