Applied Physics B

, Volume 90, Issue 1, pp 109–125 | Cite as

On the dependence of the laser-induced incandescence (LII) signal on soot volume fraction for variations in particle size

  • H. BladhEmail author
  • J. Johnsson
  • P.-E. Bengtsson


“The laser-induced incandescence (LII) signal is proportional to soot volume fraction” is an often used statement in scientific papers, and it has – within experimental uncertainties – been validated in comparisons with other diagnostic techniques in several investigations. In 1984 it was shown theoretically in a paper by Melton that there is a deviation from this statement in that the presence of larger particles leads to some overestimation of soot volume fractions. In the present paper we present a detailed theoretical investigation of how the soot particle size influences the relationship between LII signal and soot volume fraction for different experimental conditions. Several parameters have been varied; detection wavelength, time and delay of detection gate, ambient gas temperature and pressure, laser fluence, level of aggregation and spatial profile. Based on these results we are able, firstly, to understand how experimental conditions should be chosen in order to minimize the errors introduced when assuming a linear dependence between the signal and volume fraction and secondly, to obtain knowledge on how to use this information to obtain more accurate soot volume fraction data if the particle size is known.


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  1. 1.Division of Combustion PhysicsLund Institute of TechnologyLundSweden

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