Applied Physics B

, Volume 84, Issue 3, pp 517–521 | Cite as

Time-of-flight measurements of ejected particles during dry laser cleaning

  • D. GrojoEmail author
  • A. Cros
  • P. Delaporte
  • M. Sentis


We propose an experimental approach which allows the characterization of the dynamics of the ejected particles in dry laser cleaning. Submicron silica particles on silicon substrates were illuminated by single nanosecond laser pulses at fluences which lead to particle removal. Time- and space-resolved scattered signal detection was demonstrated as a suitable technique to perform time-of-flight analyses of the ejected particles. The determination of the resulting detachment velocity at the particle removal threshold fluence contributes to a better understanding of mechanisms involved in dry laser cleaning. In particular, the present study evidences that the removal efficiency of the laser process is not based on the thermal expansion of materials.


Particle Cloud Nanosecond Laser Pulse Particle Removal Ejection Velocity Laser Cleaning 
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  1. 1.LP3, UMR 6182CNRS – Université de la MediterranéeMarseille Cedex 9France

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