Applied Physics B

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Hard X-ray generation from microdroplets in intense laser fields



Microdroplets of 15-μm diameter are subjected to ultra-short laser pulses of intensities up to 1015Wcm−2 to produce hot dense plasma. The hot electrons produced in the microdroplet plasma result in efficient generation of hard X-rays in the range 50–150keV at an irradiance as low as 8×1014Wcm−2. The X-ray source efficiency is estimated to be about 2 ×10−7%. A prepulse that is about 11ns ahead of the main pulse strongly influences the droplet plasma and the resulting X-ray emission. For a similar laser prepulse and intensity, no measurable hard X-ray emission is observed when the laser is focused on a solid target of similar composition and this indicates that liquid droplet targets are best suited for hard X-ray generation in laser–plasma interactions.


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