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, Volume 80, Issue 4–5, pp 441–444 | Cite as

Acousto-optical shaping of ultraviolet femtosecond pulses



This work demonstrates a simple method for ultraviolet (UV) acousto-optical pulse shaping of both spectral amplitude and phase. A fused-silica acousto-optical modulator is used to ensure high transmission and a high damage threshold at 400-nm center wavelength. The technique eliminates complications associated with the parametric transfer of the spectral phase of near-infrared pulses through a nonlinear process out to UV wavelengths, by separating the frequency doubling and shaping processes. Three illustrative applications of phase control are presented: the compensation of material dispersion, the generation of multiple pulse trains, and the generation of arbitrarily shaped pulse trains. Self-diffraction frequency-resolved optical gating is used to characterize the success of the technique.




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