Applied Physics B

, Volume 80, Issue 2, pp 221–225 | Cite as

Ultrabroadband continuum generated in air (down to 230 nm) using ultrashort and intense laser pulses



We present results on supercontinuum generation extended up to 230 nm in air during the propagation of a powerful femtosecond laser pulse. The broad supercontinuum generated in air is contributed by self-phase modulation and self-steepening of the fundamental laser pulse, the third-harmonic pulse and their interaction. In particular, the strong interaction between the fundamental and the third-harmonic pulses leads to broad and efficient continuum generation of the third-harmonic pulse itself. The spectrum of the third-harmonic generated in air extends over several tens of nm and overlaps with the shorter wavelength extent of the fundamental continuum.


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  1. 1.Centre d’Optique, Photonique et Laser and Département de Physiquede Génie Physique et d’Optique Université LavalQuébecCanada

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