Applied Physics B

, Volume 78, Issue 2, pp 189–194 | Cite as

Polarization and threshold energy variation of distributed feedback lasing of oxazine dye in zirconia waveguides and in solutions



Distributed feedback lasing characteristics of oxazine dye in zirconia waveguides and in solutions were investigated. Oxazine-dye-doped waveguides were characterized by ellipsometry. Intensity modulation and polarization modulation were used to generate laser action. Tunable narrow line width laser action was achieved for the first, second, third and fourth Bragg orders. It was observed that the threshold pump energy decreased with the decrease of the Bragg order. The degree of polarization of the laser output also changed from 0.8 at the third Bragg order to 0.1 at the first Bragg order. Wide-band tuning of the distributed feedback laser output from 700 nm to 870 nm was achieved for the first-order action during intensity modulation.


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  1. 1.Physics DepartmentThe Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Center of Optical SciencesHong Kong SARP.R. China

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