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Uniform oscillations of supercontinua

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Uniform oscillations of supercontinua, generated with microstructured fibre, have been observed and investigated. The oscillations are uniform in the sense that the optical power through the fibre changes with a regular and periodic waveform and the spectral bandwidth of the transmitted light changes correspondingly. The oscillations are continuous over periods of hours and the spectral width ranges from the octave-spanning condition (∼310-THz wide at 20 dB below the maximum) to zero broadening of the input light. The corresponding contrast ratio of the fluctuating output light signal is as high as 0.75. Silica photonic crystal fibre with hexagonal air-hole structure and core diameter of 2.0 μm was used for the supercontinuum generation. The oscillations are produced when at least 15 mm of fibre is allowed to extend from the mount of the fibre launcher. Arguments in terms of thermal behaviour are used in an attempt to explain the fluctuations of light through the microstructured fibre. This appears to be the first occasion in which such behaviour has been reported.


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  1. 1.Frequency Standards and Metrology Group, School of PhysicsUniversity of Western AustraliaNedlandsAustralia

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