Applied Physics A

, Volume 66, Issue 5, pp 515–519 | Cite as

Structural and optical properties of Ge20SbxSe80-x films

  • A.H. Moharram
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SbxSe80-x (where 10≤x≤40 at.%) thin films. The optical absorption results indicate that the absorption mechanism is due to non-direct transition. The optical gap of the as-deposited films was found to decrease monotonically with increasing antimony content, a result which was interpreted on the basis of the chemical-bond approach proposed by Bicerno and Ovshinsky. Annealing of the Ge20Sb40Se40 films at temperatures higher than 450 K was found to decrease the optical gap and increase the refractive index of the investigated film. Increasing the amount of crystalline GeSe2 and Sb2Se3 phases while increasing the annealing temperature could be responsible for the continuous decrease of the optical gap of the Ge20Sb40Se40 film.

PACS: 78.65; 78.20.D; 61.16.D 


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  • A.H. Moharram
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