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Facile preparation of ZnO nanostructured thin films via oblique angle ultrasonic mist vapor deposition (OA-UMVD): a systematic investigation

  • Hassan Alehdaghi
  • Maziyar Kazemi
  • Mohammad ZirakEmail author


Ultrasonic mist vapor deposition (UMVD) is a widely used facile technique to prepare ZnO thin films. The surface properties of prepared thin films can be tuned via easily controllable UMVD deposition parameters. Herein, we utilized an oblique angle (OA) geometry in UMVD system named as OA-UMVD. The angle between incident flow and substrate (θs) was changed from 0° to 45°. Alteration of θs as well as substrate temperature (Ts) resulted in the deposition of ZnO thin films with different morphologies. For mild nozzle–substrate distance (D = 3 cm), fine vertical ZnO nanosheets with length of 123 nm and thickness of 23 nm were obtained for low Ts (330 °C) and small θs (≈ 0°). By increasing both Ts and θs, ZnO nanorods gradually appeared on the surface. Both nozzle–substrate distance (D) and Ts showed similar effect on deposition rate (Rd), and Rd decreased by increase of D and Ts, while deposition rate increased for larger θs. Confocal microscopy results revealed that using low Ts (330 °C), short distance (D = 1.5 cm) and large θs (45°) resulted in high macroscopic surface roughness (MRs) of 98 nm, while high Ts (500 °C), long D (5 cm) and small θs (≈ 0) created compact and smooth surface with low MRs of 5 nm, in accordance with transmittance results. The ZnO wurtzite crystal structure was approved via X-ray diffraction patterns. The crystallite size in the layers was affected only by Ts, and θs had no significant effect on the layers’ crystallinity. Obtaining different ZnO nanostructures with different MRs via easily and accurately controllable growth parameters is a great advantage for our employed OA-UMVD system, which could be used to prepare ZnO thin films with desired morphologies for widespread application fields.


ZnO thin film Oblique angle Ultrasonic mist vapor deposition Different morphologies 



The financial support of Research and Technology Council of the Hakim Sabzevari University is greatly acknowledged.

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