Applied Physics A

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Detection of interfacial charge transfer in MoS2/PbI2 heterostructures via Kelvin probe force microscope

  • Simin Ding
  • Xuling Xiao
  • Shuhua Liu
  • Jie Wu
  • Zongyu Huang
  • Xiang Qi
  • Jun LiEmail author


In this paper, MoS2/PbI2 heterostructures were synthesized via a two-step synthesis method using vapor deposition and direct water bath heating. Raman spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscope were used to characterize the MoS2/PbI2 heterostructures. The Kelvin probe force microscope was characterized the surface potential of MoS2/PbI2 heterostructures. It has shown that the surface potential has undergone a significant change transfer in the interlayer between MoS2 and PbI2, which means that at the interface charge transfer occurs and the electrons transfer from MoS2 to PbI2. These results provide a theoretical basis for further understanding of the electrical properties of MoS2/PbI2 heterostructures.



This work was financially supported by the Grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11874316 and 11474244), the National Basic Research Program of China (2015CB921103), the Innovation Research Team in University (IRT 17R91), and Science and Technology Program of Xiangtan (No. CXY-ZD20172002).


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  • Xuling Xiao
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  • Shuhua Liu
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  • Jie Wu
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  • Zongyu Huang
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  • Xiang Qi
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  1. 1.Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano Energy Materials and Devices and School of Physics and OptoelectronicsXiangtan UniversityHunanPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Laboratory for Quantum Engineering and Micro-Nano Energy TechnologyXiangtan UniversityHunanPeople’s Republic of China

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