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Influence of rhodamine 6G dye on the properties of potassium acid phthalate single crystals

  • K. MeeraEmail author
  • Shalom Ann Mathews
  • R. MuralidharanEmail author


Single crystals of Rhodamine 6G dye doped potassium acid phthalate (KAP) were grown by slow evaporation method with the Rhodamine concentration of 10− 4 M. Apparent change in morphology of the dye doped KAP crystals could be observed. Powder X-ray diffraction confirmed the formation of orthorhombic structure with space group Pca21 for both the pure and dye doped KAP crystals. TG-DTA validated the thermal stability of the dye doped KAP crystals. Parallel plate capacitor structures were made using silver electrode to measure the dielectric and impedance properties of the as grown crystal. The Nyquist plot showed interesting behavior at low frequencies which might be due to the polaron hopping. Analysis of morphology, IR and impedance spectra shows the strong interaction of dye to the host KAP molecule.



The authors K.M and S.A.M would like thank the Women’s Christian College management for funding this project through student seed grant.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.P.G Department of PhysicsWomen’s Christian CollegeChennaiIndia
  2. 2.Department of Science and HumanitiesVel Tech High Tech Dr Rangarajan Dr Sakunthala Engineering CollegeChennaiIndia

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