Applied Physics A

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Preparation, structure and luminescent performance of Na2SiF6:Re3+ (Re3+ = Eu3+, Tb3+, Ce3+) powders

  • Jin-Yu Zhao
  • Xi-Gui WangEmail author


A series of Na2SiF6:xRe3+ (Re3+ = Eu3+, Tb3+, Ce3+) phosphors were prepared by co-precipitation method. The structure and luminescence performance of the materials were characterized by XRD, TG–DSC, TEM, HRTEM, EDS, FT-IR, fluorescence spectra and the calculated CIE coordinates. The results show that under the excitation of specific UV light, Na2SiF6:xEu3+, Na2SiF6:yTb3+ and Na2SiF6:zCe3+ single-doping materials exhibit the characteristic emission of Eu3+ (5D0 → 7F2, red), Tb3+ (5D4 → 7F5, green) and Ce3+ (5d → 4f, blue), respectively. In the Na2SiF6:xEu3+yTb3+zCe3+ three-doping system, Na2SiF6:0.03Eu3+–0.07Tb3+–0.07Ce3+ material is representative. With the increase of exciting wavelength of UV light, the emission color of the material realizes tunable from white light to cool white light, warm white light and red orange light. And the luminescence of the material is closest to the ideal white light under excitation of UV light at 290 nm. So this phosphor can be promised as a single-component tunable white phosphor for application in white LEDs.



This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 21261010), the Natural Science Fund of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (no. 2015MS0227), the Second-Level Candidate (Disciplinary Leader) Research Fund (no. RCPY-2-2012-K-046) of the “Ten, Hundred, Thousand” Talents Project of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

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  1. 1.College of Chemistry and Environment ScienceInner Mongolia Normal UniversityHohhotChina

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