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Comparing magnitudes of surface energy stress in synchronous and asynchronous bending/buckling analysis of slanting double-layer METE nanoplates

  • Morteza KarimiEmail author
  • Ali Reza Shahidi


This article explores the magnitudes of surface energy stress in the synchronous and asynchronous bending/buckling analyses of skew double-layer magneto-electro-thermo-elastic (DLMETE) nanoplates, focusing on the effects of such main parameters as external electric potential, external magnetic potential, elastic foundations, skew angle, and temperature change on the rate of surface energy stress in the synchronous and asynchronous bending/buckling behaviors of skew DLMETE nanoplates. The two nanoplates examined are coupled via an elastic medium, termed van der Waals forces, while they are surrounded by Winkler and Pasternak foundations. Moreover, the two nanoplates are assumed to move in the same direction in the asynchronous mode but in opposite directions in the synchronous one. The refined plate, surface energy, and nonlocal hypotheses are manipulated to expand the governing equations, while the principle of virtual work is exploited to derive the relevant equilibrium equations. The equations thus obtained are solved using the Galerkin method and further validated via the Navier’s method. It is observed that the effects of surface energy stress on the different parameters of synchronous and asynchronous buckling behaviors of DLMETE nanoplates are radically different from those on their bending behavior.


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