Applied Physics A

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Effect of acoustic phonon scattering on impact ionization rate of electrons in monolayer graphene nanoribbons

  • Girish Chandra Ghivela
  • Joydeep Sengupta


In this paper, we have studied the behavior of impact ionization rate of electrons in monolayer graphene nanoribbons due to various scattering mechanisms. The effects have been analyzed using the comprehensive analytical expressions, which result from all the possible inelastic interactions before the ionizing collision inside the graphene nanoribbons structures. These interactions include scattering of electrons due to acoustic phonon, inter-carrier scattering and optical phonon. Also, the obtained results are compared with previously reported data. The overestimation in earlier data has been analyzed in detail through the developed analytical expression. In addition to this, the percentage change in electron ionization rate has been calculated by considering it with and without acoustic phonon scattering.


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  1. 1.EMI-EMC Lab, Department of Electronics and Communication EngineeringVisvesvaraya National Institute of TechnologyNagpurIndia

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