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Effect of La and W dopants on dielectric and ferroelectric properties of PZT thin films prepared by sol–gel process

  • Mi XiaoEmail author
  • Zebin Zhang
  • Weikang Zhang
  • Ping ZhangEmail author


La or W-doped lead zirconate titanate thin films (PLZT or PZTW) were prepared on platinized silicon substrates by sol–gel process. The effects of La or W dopant on the phase development, microstructure, dielectric and ferroelectric characteristics of films were studied. For PLZT films, the optimum doping concentration was found to be 2 mol%. While for PZTW films, the dielectric and ferroelectric properties were found to be improved as the doping concentration increased. The fatigue properties of PLZT and PZTW thin films were also investigated, the results showed that A- or B-site donor doping could improve the fatigue properties of PZT thin films. The theory of oxygen vacancy was used to explain the performance improvement caused by donor doping.



The authors gratefully acknowledged the support from the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Machining Technology, Ministry of Education (Tianjin University).


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  1. 1.School of Electrical and Information Engineering and Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Machining Technology of Ministry of EducationTianjin UniversityTianjinPeople’s Republic of China

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