Applied Physics A

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Complex and liquid hydrides for energy storage

  • Elsa Callini
  • Zuleyha Özlem Kocabas Atakli
  • Bjørn C. Hauback
  • Shin-ichi Orimo
  • Craig Jensen
  • Martin Dornheim
  • David Grant
  • Young Whan Cho
  • Ping Chen
  • Bjørgvin Hjörvarsson
  • Petra de Jongh
  • Claudia Weidenthaler
  • Marcello Baricco
  • Mark Paskevicius
  • Torben R. Jensen
  • Mark E. Bowden
  • Thomas S. Autrey
  • Andreas ZüttelEmail author
Invited Paper
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  1. Hydrogen-based energy storage


The research on complex hydrides for hydrogen storage was initiated by the discovery of Ti as a hydrogen sorption catalyst in NaAlH4 by Boris Bogdanovic in 1996. A large number of new complex hydride materials in various forms and combinations have been synthesized and characterized, and the knowledge regarding the properties of complex hydrides and the synthesis methods has grown enormously since then. A significant portion of the research groups active in the field of complex hydrides is collaborators in the International Energy Agreement Task 32. This paper reports about the important issues in the field of complex hydride research, i.e. the synthesis of borohydrides, the thermodynamics of complex hydrides, the effects of size and confinement, the hydrogen sorption mechanism and the complex hydride composites as well as the properties of liquid complex hydrides. This paper is the result of the collaboration of several groups and is an excellent summary of the recent achievements.


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Financial support from the Federal Office of Energy in Switzerland for the Project No. SI/500597 “Advanced Complex Hydrides (ACH)” and the IEA Task 32 participation are acknowledged. This work was financially supported by CCEM research through the HyTech project and the SCCER “Heat & Electricity Storage” programme. The work was supported by the Danish National Research Foundation, Center for Materials Crystallography (DNRF93), the Danish Council for Strategic Research (project HyFill-Fast) and the Danish Research Council for Nature and Universe (Danscatt). We are grateful to the Carlsberg Foundation and Energistyrelsen, EUDP.


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