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Tunable emission and the systematic study on energy-transfer properties of Ce3+- and Tb3+-co-doped Sr3(PO4)2 phosphors

  • Zhijun LiuEmail author


An emitting color tunable phosphor Sr3(PO4)2:Ce3+, Tb3+ was synthesized by the traditional high-temperature solid-state reaction method. The photoluminescence and energy-transfer (ET) properties of Ce3+- and Tb3+-doped Sr3(PO4)2 host were studied in detail. The obtained phosphors show both a blue emission from Ce3+ and a yellowish green emission from Tb3+ with considerable intensity under ultraviolet (UV) excitation (~311 nm). When the content of Ce3+ was fixed at 0.03, the emission chromaticity coordinates could be adjusted from blue to green region by tuning the contents of Tb3+ ions with the aid of ET process. The critical distance between Ce3+ and Tb3+ is 14.69 Å. The ET mechanism from Ce3+ to Tb3+ ions was identified with dipole–dipole interaction. The obtained phosphor exhibits a strong excitation in UV spectral region and high-efficient ET from Ce3+ to Tb3+ ions. It may find applications as a green light-emitting UV-convertible phosphor in white LED devices.


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The authors acknowledge the financial support from the Department of Guangdong Province Special Combination of Project Funding (No. 2011B090300053).


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