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The future of focused electron beam-induced processing

  • C. W. HagenEmail author
Invited paper


A perspective is sketched for the field of focused electron beam-induced processing (FEBIP). The FEBIP lithography technique is compared to the very successful resist-based electron beam lithography (EBL) technique. The advantages of FEBIP over EBL are identified, the main advantage being its high spatial resolution. This will enable FEBIP to become an important lithography technique for the fabrication of devices with critical dimension in the range between 1 and 20 nm and serve as a complementary technique to EBL. It will be discussed what needs to be done to achieve this and what the potential applications are.


Electron Beam Lithography Precursor Molecule Lithography Technique Dissociative Electron Attachment Primary Electron Beam 
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Many people have directly or indirectly contributed to this work. Too many to list here, but they are all cited. But I do owe special thanks to Pieter Kruit for stimulating discussions on FEBIP and its future. The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under Grant Agreement No. 318804 (SNM: Single Nanometer Manufacturing for beyond CMOS devices), and this work was conducted within the framework of the COST Action CM1301 (CELINA).


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