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Portable X-ray powder diffractometer for the analysis of art and archaeological materials

Invited paper


Phase identification based on nondestructive analytical techniques using portable equipment is ideal for the analysis of art and archaeological objects. Portable(p)-XRF and p-Raman are very widely used for this purpose, yet p-XRD is relatively rare despite its importance for the analysis of crystalline materials. This paper overviews 6 types of p-XRD systems developed for analysis of art and archaeological materials. The characteristics of each system are compared. One of the p-XRD systems developed by the authors was brought to many museums as well as many archeological sites in Egypt and Syria to characterize the cultural heritage artifacts, e.g., amulet made of Egyptian blue, blue painted pottery, and Islamic pottery from Egypt, jade from China, variscite from Syria, a Japanese classic painting drawn by Korin Ogata, and oil paintings drawn by Taro Okamoto. Practical application data are shown to demonstrate the potential ability of the method for analysis of various art and archaeological materials.



The authors are grateful to the following directors of the archaeological missions and museums and curators who helped to carry out our onsite X-ray analysis: Dr. Mark Lehner, Prof. Sakuji Yoshimura, Dr. Mutsuo Kawatoko, Prof. Peter Pfalzner, Prof. S. Xiong, Prof. R. Xie, Mr. Yasuo Nakano, and Mr. Tokugo Uchida. They are also grateful to students of our laboratory who helped our measurements.

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