Applied Physics A

, Volume 100, Issue 3, pp 577–584 | Cite as

A portable X-ray diffraction apparatus for in situ analyses of masters’ paintings

  • Myriam EvenoEmail author
  • Adrian Duran
  • Jacques Castaing


It is rare that the analyses of materials in paintings can be carried out by taking micro-samples. Valuable works of art are best studied in situ by non-invasive techniques. For that purpose, a portable X-ray diffraction and fluorescence apparatus has been designed and constructed at the C2RMF. This apparatus has been used for paintings of Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh, Mantegna, etc. Results are given to illustrate the performance of X-ray diffraction, especially when X-ray fluorescence does not bring sufficient information to conclude.


Gypsum Hematite Malachite Prussian Blue Zinc Oxide 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire du Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France C2RMF CNRS UMR 171Palais du LouvreParisFrance

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