Applied Physics A

, 89:397

Principle and design approach of flat nano-metallic surface plasmonic lens



The principle of a flat nano-metallic surface plasmonic lens is analyzed based on phase matching and effective refractive index theory. The complex relationships between the macro-parameters such as focal length with other design freedoms, e.g. material properties of the lens, sheet thickness, slit width, and slit pitch, are disclosed as well. A set of tailored formulae are derived for the design of such a nano-metallic surface plasmonic lens. Several simplified implementations of the nano-metallic lens such as a lens with equidistant slits but bearing different widths, and a lens with equal slit widths but different pitches are given. The performance of the beyond-diffraction-limit focusing effect is given as well.


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  • H.X. Yuan
    • 1
  • B.X. Xu
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  • B. Lukiyanchuk
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  • T.C. Chong
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  1. 1.Data Storage InstituteSingaporeSingapore

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