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GaS multi-walled nanotubes from the lamellar precursor

Rapid communication


Inorganic fullerene-like (IF) nanotubes constructed from layered metal chalcogenides are of particular significance because of their excellent physical properties and potential application in wide fields. But very few previous studies were focused on the IF nanotubes of layered III-VI semiconductor. Therefore we investigate the preparation, structure and photoluminescence (PL) properties of GaS nanotube (an important III-VI semiconductor IF nanotube). A simple method is introduced to prepare GaS multi-walled nanotubes for the first time by annealing the natural lamellar precursor in Ar. The reaction temperature is crucial for the formation of nanotube. A suitable temperature range is 500–850 °C. Bulk quantities of GaS nanotubes with diameters of 30–150 nm and lengths up to ten micrometers were produced. Some of these nanotubes show corrugated and interlinked structure and form many segments, demonstrating a bamboo-like structure. As compared to bulk materials, the obvious distinction of the products in PL spectra at liquid nitrogen temperature of 77 K was due to the structure variety.


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