Applied Physics A

, Volume 79, Issue 7, pp 1733–1735 | Cite as

Fabrication of polymer dot pattern containing fluorescent molecules by laser photopolymerization

  • T. OishiEmail author
  • M. Goto
  • A. Kasahara
  • M. Tosa
Rapid communication


A simple and easy method for micro-patterning of organic molecules was developed. Fluorescent molecules were added to an ultraviolet (UV) photopolymerization polymer solution, and dot patterns were formed by a photopolymerization process with a conventional nanosecond pulsed UV laser. Since the molecules fixed in the dot pattern showed fluorescence corresponding to the added molecules in all cases, it is suggested that this method is applicable to micro-patterning of various kinds of organic molecules without serious damage to the molecules. Micro-patterning was also achieved using a visible pulsed laser by adding coumarin 6 to the polymer solution.


Polymer Pulse Laser Coumarin Polymer Solution Organic Molecule 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Materials Engineering LaboratoryNational Institute for Materials ScienceIbarakiJapan

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