Coral Reefs

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Erratum to: Coral spawn timing is a direct response to solar light cycles and is not an entrained circadian response

  • A. K. Brady
  • J. D. Hilton
  • P. D. VizeEmail author

Erratum to: Coral Reefs (2009) 28:677–680 DOI 10.1007/s00338-009-0498-4

The authors regret the inaccurate labeling of the Y-axis in Fig. 1. The printed and online version of the article should have the figure displayed as follows:
Fig. 1

Coral spawning response to alteration of sunset time. Colony number on the X axis refers to the individual clonal sample number. Squares indicate spawn time in a 2 h early sunset tank, circles indicate spawning by a sample in the 1 h early sunset tank, and a triangle indicates spawning by a coral in the control (normal sunset) tank. Three samples (3, 4, 6) spawned under two different sunset regimen, and one sample (5) spawned under all three regimen

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