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On a Diffusive Version of the Lifschitz–Slyozov–Wagner Equation

  • Joseph G. ConlonEmail author


This paper is concerned with the Becker–Döring (BD) system of equations and their relationship to the Lifschitz–Slyozov–Wagner (LSW) equations. A diffusive version of the LSW equations is derived from the BD equations. Existence and uniqueness theorems for this diffusive LSW system are proved. The major part of the paper is taken up with proving that solutions of the diffusive LSW system converge in the zero diffusion limit to solutions of the classical LSW system. In particular, it is shown that the rate of coarsening for the diffusive system converges to the rate of coarsening for the classical system.


Nonlinear pde Coarsening 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

35F05 82C70 82C26 


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