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Capsule enteroscopy and radiology of the small intestine

  • Frans-Thomas ForkEmail author
  • Lars Aabakken


In a very few years, the video capsule for small bowel enteroscopy has gained widespread clinical acceptance. It is readily ingested, disposable, and allows for a complete, low-invasive endoscopic examination of the entire mucosa of the small bowel. It is a patient-friendly method and a first-line procedure in the difficult evaluation of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding. It has the highest proven figure of diagnostic sensitivity for detecting lesions of the mucosa, irrespective of aetiology. The limitations of capsule endoscopy include difficulty in localising mucosal lesions anatomically and its restricted use in patients with dysphagia, strictures or motor dysfunction. Strictures, transmural and extra-mural lesions in patients with small bowel Crohn’s disease are evaluated by MRI- enterography and CT-enterography.


Enteroclysis Capsule enteroscopy Small bowel Radiology Endoscopy 


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