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Comparison of radiology residency programs in ten countries

  • J. M. G. WillattEmail author
  • A. C. Mason
Radiological Education


The purpose of our study was to compare various aspects of radiology training schemes in ten countries. A questionnaire was sent to senior residents in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Egypt, India, Malaysia and Greece. The questions concerned length of training, required pre-training experience, the organization of the training scheme, teaching, resources, stages at which residents can independently perform and report examinations, fellowships, and progression to jobs. A wide variety of training, ranging from highly scheduled programs with detailed aims and objectives, to self-learning occurs across the world. Examinations and assessments are also variable. There are lessons to be learned from varying practices; more exchanges of ideas should be encouraged. In view of the “internationalization” of radiology services and the variation in training styles an international qualification for quality assurance purposes may be desirable.


Training International Residency programs Quality assurance 



We are indebted to the following for kindly answering long and tortuous questionnaires, and also for responding to subsequent questions promptly: Dr. Vaishali Parulekar, LTMG University Hospital of Bombay, India; Dr. Liong Weh Chuen, National University of Malaysia; Dr. David Liu, University Hospital of British Columbia, Canada; Dr. Wayne Bailey, Christchurch Hospital, New Zealand; Dr. Charles White, University of Maryland Medical Center, USA; Dr. Deborah Cunningham, St. Mary’s University Hospital, London, England; Professor Antonio Chiesi, University of Brescia, Italy; Dr. Ahmed Hisham Attar, King Abdul Aziz University Hospital, Egypt; Dr. Johanes Johannides, Aristotle University Hospital of Saloniki, Greece; Dr. Joanne Wood, North Tees Hospital, UK; Dr. Anthony Swingler St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


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  2. 2.Department of Medical ImagingRidge Meadow HospitalMaple RidgeCanada

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