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Abundance, biomass and small-scale distribution of cryopelagic amphipods in the Franz Josef Land area (Arctic)

  • M. Poltermann


Arctic sea ice is inhabited by several amphipod species. Abundance, biomass and small-scale distribution of these cryopelagic (=ice associated) amphipods were investigated near Franz Josef Land in summer 1994. The mean abundance of all species was 420 ind./m2; the mean biomass was 10.61 g ww/m2. Gammarus wilkitzkii was the dominant species, whereas Apherusa glacialis, Onisimus nanseni and O. glacialis were only scarcely found. Amphipods were concentrated at the edges of ice floes and were less frequent in areas further away under the ice. The relationship between the distribution and ecological/physiological requirements of cryopelagic amphipods, as well as the small-scale morphology of Arctic sea ice, are discussed.


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