Plant Cell Reports

, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 597–620 | Cite as

Recent progress in the understanding of tissue culture-induced genome level changes in plants and potential applications

  • Anjanasree K. Neelakandan
  • Kan WangEmail author


In vitro cell and tissue-based systems have tremendous potential in fundamental research and for commercial applications such as clonal propagation, genetic engineering and production of valuable metabolites. Since the invention of plant cell and tissue culture techniques more than half a century ago, scientists have been trying to understand the morphological, physiological, biochemical and molecular changes associated with tissue culture responses. Establishment of de novo developmental cell fate in vitro is governed by factors such as genetic make-up, stress and plant growth regulators. In vitro culture is believed to destabilize the genetic and epigenetic program of intact plant tissue and can lead to chromosomal and DNA sequence variations, methylation changes, transposon activation, and generation of somaclonal variants. In this review, we discuss the current status of understanding the genomic and epigenomic changes that take place under in vitro conditions. It is hoped that a precise and comprehensive knowledge of the molecular basis of these variations and acquisition of developmental cell fate would help to devise strategies to improve the totipotency and embryogenic capability in recalcitrant species and genotypes, and to address bottlenecks associated with clonal propagation.


Adventitious meristem Callus Dedifferentiation Epigenetic changes Gene expression Genetic changes Plant growth regulators Regulation Somaclonal variation Somatic embryogenesis Tissue culture Totipotency Transposons 



Special thanks to Bronwyn Frame, Diane Luth, Marcy Main and Susana Martin-Ortigosa for critical reading of the manuscript and constructive comments. We wish to apologize if we have overlooked or omitted some contributions due to space limitations. This work is partially supported by National Science Foundation DBI-0923827 and Plant Sciences Institute of Iowa State University.


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