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The effect of spa therapy in chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled, single-blind, follow-up study

  • Ildikó Katalin Tefner
  • András Németh
  • Andrea Lászlófi
  • Tímea Kis
  • Gyula Gyetvai
  • Tamás Bender
Original Article


Effect of thermal water with high mineral content on clinical parameters and quality of life of patients with chronic low back pain was studied. In this randomized controlled, single-blind, follow-up study, 60 patients with chronic low back pain were randomized into two groups. The treatment group received balneotherapy with thermal-mineral water, and the control group bathed in tap water. Changes of the followings were evaluated: visual analogue scale (VAS) for pain, range of motion for the lumbar spine, Oswestry index, EuroQol-5D and Short Form-36 questionnaires. In the treatment group, the mobility of the lumbar spine, the Oswestry index, the VAS scores and the EuroQoL-5D index improved significantly. SF-36 items improved significantly in the treated group compared with baseline except for two parameters. Our study demonstrated the beneficial effect of balneotherapy with thermal mineral versus tap water on clinical parameters, along with improvements in quality of life.


Balneotherapy Low back pain Spa therapy Thermal water High-mineral-content water Mátraderecske 


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  • András Németh
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  • Andrea Lászlófi
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  • Tímea Kis
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  • Gyula Gyetvai
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  • Tamás Bender
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  2. 2.NK Medicor KftKeszthelyHungary
  3. 3.Mofetta & Thermal SpaMátraderecskeHungary
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