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Meta-analysis: diagnostic value of serum anti-mutated citrullinated vimentin antibodies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

  • Xue Qin
  • Yan Deng
  • Jing Xu
  • Tai-Jie Li
  • Shan LiEmail author
  • Jin-Min ZhaoEmail author
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Conventional tests are not always helpful in making a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This study aimed to comprehensively and quantitatively summarize the evidence on the accuracy of anti-mutated citrullinated vimentin (MCV) assay in the diagnosis of RA. A comprehensive meta-review of data on the accuracy of MCV concentrations in the diagnosis of RA were carried out from 16 published studies. Furthermore, receiver operating characteristic curves were used to summarize the overall test performance. The summary estimates for MCV in the diagnosis of RA were: sensitivity 0.77 [95% confidence interval (CI) 0.75–0.78], specificity 0.89 (95% CI 0.87–0.90), positive likelihood ratio (LR+) 7.24 (95% CI 5.60–9.36), negative likelihood ratio (LR−) 0.28 (95% CI 0.23–0.34) and diagnostic odds ratio 29.66 (95% CI 21.09–41.71). The area under the summary receiver operating characteristic curves was 0.92. Data from meta-analysis suggest the accuracy of MCV assay in the diagnosis of RA is high, but ultimately clinician must consider the results of MCV tests combing with other conventional examinations and the clinical feature.


Meta-analysis Accuracy Diagnosis Mutated citrullinated vimentin Rheumatoid arthritis 


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