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Intravenous immunoglobulin treatment for pregnancy-associated dermatomyositis

  • Garifallia Linardaki
  • Eleni Cherouvim
  • Georgia Goni
  • Kyriaki A. Boki
Case Report


Pregnancy-associated dermatomyositis (DM) is a rare disorder, until recently treated only with corticosteroids due to the toxicity of other immunosuppressive agents for the fetus. We present a pregnant woman with DM treated successfully with intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and medium dose corticosteroids. A 42-year-old woman presented with a rash, muscle weakness and increased muscle enzymes on the 15th week of her first pregnancy. After the diagnosis of DM she was treated with the combination of medium dose corticosteroids and IVIG. The patients’ symptoms resolved rapidly. No complications were noted for either her or the fetus. Both she and her son remain disease-free after 6 years follow-up. In conclusion, IVIG treatment is a safe and effective alternative for pregnancy-associated DM.


Pregnancy Dermatomyositis Intravenous immunoglobulins 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Garifallia Linardaki
    • 1
  • Eleni Cherouvim
    • 2
  • Georgia Goni
    • 2
  • Kyriaki A. Boki
    • 2
  1. 1.Internal Medicine RegistrarTzanio HospitalAthensGreece
  2. 2.Rheumatology DepartmentSismanoglio HospitalAthensGreece

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