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The influence of mitochondrial dynamics on mitochondrial genome stability

  • Christopher T. Prevost
  • Nicole Peris
  • Christina Seger
  • Deanna R. Pedeville
  • Kathryn Wershing
  • Elaine A. SiaEmail author
  • Rey A. L. SiaEmail author
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Mitochondria are dynamic organelles that fuse and divide. These changes alter the number and distribution of mitochondrial structures throughout the cell in response to developmental and metabolic cues. We have demonstrated that mitochondrial fission is essential to the maintenance of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) under changing metabolic conditions in wild-type Saccharomyces cerevisiae. While increased loss of mtDNA integrity has been demonstrated for dnm1-∆ fission mutants after growth in a non-fermentable carbon source, we demonstrate that growth of yeast in different carbon sources affects the frequency of mtDNA loss, even when the carbon sources are fermentable. In addition, we demonstrate that the impact of fission on mtDNA maintenance during growth in different carbon sources is neither mediated by retrograde signaling nor mitophagy. Instead, we demonstrate that mitochondrial distribution and mtDNA maintenance phenotypes conferred by loss of Dnm1p are suppressed by the loss of Sod2p, the mitochondrial matrix superoxide dismutase.


Mitochondria Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Genome instability Mitochondrial dynamics Mitochondrial genome 



E.A.S and R.A.S research was supported by National Science Foundation Grants, MCB0841857 and MCB1243428. E.A.S. and C.T.P. received additional support from University of Rochester Pump Primer Grant, OP212588.

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