How to Fall Slower Than Gravity by Paul J. Nahin

PRINCETON: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2018, XXXI + 282 PP., ISBN: 978-0-691-17691-8, US $27.95
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Book Review (Osmo Pekonen, Editor)

This most recent addition to Professor Paul Nahin’s lengthy list of published books is a sequel to his 2016 book In Praise of Simple Physics. Whereas that book was a series of twenty-four essays on physical phenomena demonstrating that “simple physics is not simple-minded physics,” this book is a series of twenty-six essays on mathematics and physics problems demonstrating “the practical value of knowing how to [manipulate] quadratic [and higher-order] equations,” thereby exemplifying how the physicist might model and analyze phenomena. The first two-thirds of the book presents and discusses the twenty-six problems and poses related challenge questions, and the final third is an expansive answer key for those questions. With respect to style and tone, How to Fall Slower Than Gravity was written for anyone who has “studied math at a level equivalent to AP calculus.”

The book’s dust jacket and page iii depict a parachuting tabby cat whimsically tossing paper airplanes that were, in the...


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