Imagine Math 6: Between Culture and Mathematicsedited by Michele Emmer and Marco Abate

Springer (2018), ISBN 978-3-319-93948-3, 328 pages, US$ 79.99
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What do mathematicians do on holidays?

They probably do the same things everyone else does—with perhaps one exception. Every so often a mathematics-related conference held at an opportune time and exotic venue might be especially appealing. So in due course, with conference abstracts accepted and travel documents secured, they are off to mingle with strangers and acquaintances, share conversation snippets as well as tea and wine, exchange ideas, and are prepared to amaze and be amazed. Many, if not most of these conferences are within the fringe of the participants’ speciality. But some are broadly encompassing, such as the annual summer mathematics meetings of the Athens Institute for Education and Research; the Mathematical Association of America’s MathFest, this year in Cincinnati, Ohio; the Bridges Conference between Mathematics and Art, this year at Austria’s Johannes Kepler University; and the Conference for Mathematics and Culture in Venice.

How did such conferences come to be?...


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