The Bread Crumbs of Proof

  • Gizem KaraaliEmail author

Lost on the page

She finds herself

Pleading again.

Please. Please.


Surely she knows

The gods won’t answer

The path won’t clear

Without her putting in

A whole lot more.

The proof won’t come

Till she lays it down

One crumb at a time,

One by one,

Not all in a line.

But in the end

There will be a path

From the beginning to the end

Though she cannot pretend

To know how it works.

Though she cannot pretend

To know how it works

She’ll put glorious flowers

On the unadorned altars

Of the gods she knows are watching

And she’ll be dropping

And collecting crumbs

Day and night

So she may find

Her way home

So she may call it a proof.


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