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Liver fibrosis

  • Massimo Pinzani


Knowledge on the development and progression of liver fibrosis has grown exponentially in the past decade. At present, liver fibrogenesis is referred to as a dynamic process involving complex cellular and molecular mechanisms, resulting from the chronic activation of the tissue repair mechanisms that follows reiterated liver tissue injury. The identification and characterization of the cell types and of the different mediators involved in this process has allowed a “re-visitation” of several issues related to liver cirrhosis and its immediate consequences. Among these, evaluation of the relationships occurring between fibrogenesis and portal hypertension, cholestasis and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma, represent some of the hottest areas of research in this field of hepatology. The elucidation of many of the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for the progression of liver fibrosis has provided a sound basis for the development of pharmacological strategies able to modulate this important pathophysiological process.


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