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Diagnosis and management of chronic ITP: comments from an ICIS expert group

  • John David Grainger
  • Paula H. B. Bolton-Maggs
  • Bertrand Godeau
  • Jim Bussel
  • Hugo Donato
  • Mohsen Elalfy
  • Ina Hainmann
  • Axel Matzdorff
  • Hannes Müller-Beissenhirtz
  • Alicia Rovó
  • Andre Tichelli
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Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is a common disorder in children and adults. In a patient with newly diagnosed ITP, the treatment strategy is relatively well defined. Second-line treatments are more controversial, and the management of chronic ITP is even more so. During the 3rd ICIS Expert Meeting on Consensus and Development of Strategies in ITP, held in Basel on September 3–5, 2009, a group of experts were tasked with reaching a consensus on some frequently asked questions relating to diagnosis and management of children and adults with chronic ITP. The content of this article is designed to provide a practical support to trained haematologists in their care of patients with chronic ITP.


Immune thrombocytopenia ITP 



We would like to thank all participants in the chronic ITP expert group who participated in the discussion at ICIS, namely: Bessho, Fumio—Moroyama, Japan; Diesch, Tamara—Basel, Switzerland; Erduran, Erol—Trabzon, Turkey; Fouda, Ashraf—Al-Mansoura, Egypt; Hainmann, Ina—Freiburg, Germany; Kaplinsky, Chaim—Tel Hashomer, Israel; Konja, Josip—Zagreb, Croatia; Kreuzbauer, Georg—Zug, Switzerland; Kroiss, Sabine—Zürich, Switzerland; Strauss, Gabriele—Berlin, Germany; Tamminga, Rienk—Groningen, Germany; and Veronese, Luisa—London, UK.


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